The Power of Foods

In a study 2 groups of subject were given 500ml of skim milk every day for 4 weeks.  1 group had 40g of cocoa powder added to their milk.  The cocoa-group had a 5% increase in good cholesterol (HDL) and 14% decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL), which could be attributed to the poly-phenols found in cocoa.  Very good news for hot-chocolate lovers, but make sure you use organic cocoa so as not to nullify the health benefits with an overload of pesticide residue.


Prunes got a good write-up this week with a US study on post-menopausal women confirming that you could increase your bone density significantly by consuming 100g or 10 prunes daily for 12 months.  Just make sure the bathroom’s not too far off.


I just love using fresh garlic instead of the pre-packaged versions, but would put it straight into the pan….until I read this little gem.  If you let your crushed garlic rest for 10 minutes before you cook with it, more allicin is created and thus have more cancer-fighting properties.

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